Tuesday, February 27, 2007

vroom vroom

Hamish will turn three next week. I was in this chi-chi kids' store in Park Slope looking at these miniature Dickies brand backpacks, musing on getting one for him ($20), but then thought I'd pace my spending self and get it for a preschooly gift at the end of the summer. I mused this all out loud, like I tend to do, naively convinced that people care about the minutiae of my life (oh and I blog about it too...) And the sales clerk was lovely, following along with each snore-inducing detail, and asked if he was entering a threes or fours program, because once they reach the fours, the kids should really have a full-sized backpack since they'll be bringing home folders and will have homework. Homework. Before they're out of diapers. Possibly. When I taught at S___, the only homework first-graders were assigned was to learn how to tie their shoes by themselves. And S___ is a school that almost guarantees acceptance to an ivy league university upon entering kindergarten. I gripped the countertop and told the nice clerk I could feel the earth spinning. Spinning out of control. Time is like a Kenyan marathon runner, with blurry stick legs making me feel nauseated that I cannot ever keep up.


hubby said...

I didn't know that Kenyan marathon runners had that effect on you.

Our boy is getting so old. It's funny, when he's not holding in his poop and he doesn't have the added poopy weight in his face and belly, he suddenly looks so much older. At least we have Stella to remind us why we don't want them staying young. Who's got the energy?

Amelia Plum said...

Hamish is so cute in that early picture. He still looks very much the same, you know how some kids and later adults look absolutely nothing like they did when they were young? Well I think Hamish will be one whose looks don't really change. Such a sweet image.

O has a folder and gets homework AND I can pretty much guarantee you that the Pittsburgh Public schools don't have the same placement in the Ivies that S- does. He can't tie his laces though, my gosh with all the velcro shoes we've somehow bypassed the whole lace thing. Maybe that will be a good way to pass the time this summer.

Anonymous said...

Homework for babies is worthless. Asn small people should not be wearing full sized backpacks. We were actually discouraged from taking our work home in grade school, even if we had been sick, and MIT wanted me....didn't get me, but that's another story.