Monday, January 26, 2009


Yep, my daughter is a window licker. I take this as an omen. Note to self: buy the eco-friendly window kleener. Note 2: Maybe use it once in a while.

Since you asked, and I thank you for doing so, here's another poem... 

you can’t describe what motherhood is like
to people who don’t have kids
and even if you could
they’d never listen

because what you do that irks them
they swear they’d never do
but then when they’re in it
they can’t believe it’s them too

maybe we all despise ourselves secretly
or maybe it’s just me

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hamish was not arrested. The photograph above was taken for his passport at the UPS store and then promptly rejected by the passport office. But if my four-year old son were arrested, I'll bet his mugshot would look a lot like that. Stay out of trouble, boy. It isn't pretty.

And now, a poem for you—

Just as I lie down with my book and sigh
The best moment of my day is shattered
When your baby sister cries
My nerves are suddenly frayed and tattered

Thursday, January 15, 2009

new religion

At school we have the option to drop our kids off without getting out of the car, sort of the reverse drive-through, or we can park and unbuckle and schlep them in, in the freezing cold, and when it's not Stella's day, I get to schlep her back to the car and rebuckle, remitten, recoat... Can you guess I choose the former method? Would you?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

keeping. carrying.

Very proud of my new poster although I have a hunch that eighty per cent of Domino Magazine readers probably have one. I gotta say, when the kids, say Stella, is screaming when I'm trying to score some solitude upstairs, I take a gander at the message and an automatic deep breath fills my clenched lungs and it like, helps. Plus, it's pretty. Below, I told Stella to make her "mad face."