Wednesday, January 07, 2009

keeping. carrying.

Very proud of my new poster although I have a hunch that eighty per cent of Domino Magazine readers probably have one. I gotta say, when the kids, say Stella, is screaming when I'm trying to score some solitude upstairs, I take a gander at the message and an automatic deep breath fills my clenched lungs and it like, helps. Plus, it's pretty. Below, I told Stella to make her "mad face."

Here I am below courting a back spasm while I show off my moves for the family. I love to entertain. My Vinyasa classes continue to rock, even if I'm stiff and sore the next day. A little emotionally stiff and sore too. I hope that means it's working...?

More painting fun below. We are tackling the basement, gussying it up to be a regular rec-room, which Hamish has rechristened "The Rocket Rainbow Room." Or "The Rainbow Rocket Room." Either way, it fits. We found the rugs on the curb. Yes they're synthetic crap. No they don't have fleas. We used leftover paint for the walls, and now I'm inspired to do something in a similar pattern in the kids' hallway maybe venturing into the crazy world of red-and-pink. There's some red-and-pink flocking wallpaper I keep seeing, but I can't afford wallpaper number one and even if I could, the kids would smear it up within ten seconds, so my wallpaper will have to wait.

My climbing vine. Now where will I stow the permanent markers?


Samantha Rae Odland said...

LOVE the basement colors. I believe you have a little monkey in the making with stella. dont be surprised if you walk into her room one day and find her dangling from the light fixture screaming "look what i can do!"

Amelia Plum said...

the basement looks great, wonderful idea and I can't believe you found the rug, even if it's synthetic it's perfect for a basement. i see you have a climber in stella too - what is it with these girls?! i'm starting to feel hamish & stella are just like my two personality wise. hope your weekend was lovely.