Thursday, March 15, 2007

enjoy this time

A grey-haired man sitting to my right at Two Boots the other night said as he chinned his face at his adult son and his grandson, "Enjoy this time." I smiled too much and told him I'm trying. I mean, we four did manage to have dinner out together so if that's not a sign of my strength and optimism, I don't know what is. But when I stuck Stella to my breast, the man stopped talking to me. What went wrong?

Bryan said just now, "You need, like, an astronaut's helmet so that when you go into the blogosphere, we all know." Ten minutes before that he said, "Parenting is one part wishing they would grow up, one part wishing they would stay little forever and six parts crazy." After the one about the astronaut he said, "Parenting is like blogging at the commercials." Because The Office is on. It's a repeat but makes me laugh still and laughter is so important in these trying times that I stop blogging to watch, even though I know what is coming next. This way I can concentrate on the nuances. Oh Dwight, you've done it again!

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