Thursday, November 01, 2007


Happy November everybody! There's no sense in picking just one photo for this post so here's a billion. Click on any pic to enlarge, Mom and Dad!

In the park by the river we met an English Bulldog with the same name as Stella, who was mighty photogenic, and a gentle soul. Even the usually hesitant Hamish petted the dog.

Hamish started out wanting to be a motorcycle for Halloween. Then he wanted to be a "fire engine truck." He'd also recently been dazzled and inspired by an older friend's magic show so I'd been trying to persuade him to be a magician and Stella would be a bunny. Oh the visions of sweety-cuteness dancing in my brain. I almost had him, but the lure of his peers was too much, and in the end he changed his mind again, and stayed committed to his choice: Superman. I let him choose Stella's costume and he said, "Her will be my Superman princess helper." So there you have it. Stella wasn't too keen on the tutu aspect of her get-up however. It hindered her flying abilities and steel bending capabilities. Plus, you couldn't see the high-tops underneath all that tulle.

Hamish went trick-or-treating for the first time and I don't think I've ever seen him quite so excited. The various moon-walks, moon-mazes and moon-slides Hamish sampled in Owl's Head Park in Bay Ridge beforehand could not hold a candle to begging complete strangers for kiddiecrack at their various doorways. I think he gets it now, the whole Halloween thing. And as much as I and possibly Bryan panic at the thought of our kids consuming buttloads of sugar and then mutinying, never to return to their somewhat aggreeable selves, there was no way we couldn't treat ourselves to his exuberance. Plus Hamish got to practice saying thank you. And though he asked us to escort him to each and every door, we held back with the stroller and with Stella, who from the first tried to gain entry into each house, and so off he went, courageously offering his well-used zip-lock baggie. He's growing up, our caped crack-fiend-I mean crusader. Sniff.

Hope everyone had a ghoulishly good H'ween. We're still letting it sink in that it may very well be our last one in Brooklyn. Thanks for the candy, and the memories.

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Amelia Plum said...

So bryan was a caped crusader too, what about you? No photos of your costume, I wanna see. Love the pics of the kid superhero and superhero helper and the close-up of Stella's namesake is wonderful. Nothing like kiddiecrack, it's all owen's been getting for snacktime at school, he'll come down eventually.