Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's official. Our buyer's buyer got approved for his mortgage, and last night I accompanied our buyer, the soon-to-be tenant of the apartment in which I sit typing (she even wants the desk!) to the bowels of the building to meet with the board and win their overwhelming approval. We hugged three times afterwards. I'm in a loving state of mind. What can I say, I guess beneath the almost crippling anxiety about leaving Brooklyn, I am excited to embark on this latest adventure. We close at the end of February. Hopefully we will find a house to buy by then, not that I mind rooming with the in-laws, but well, you know.

Amidst my fears that there will be no like-minded people where we're headed, but only Republican-reared sugar- and TV-addicted spoiled smartmouths, I had a revelation that wherever you go, if you look long enough, you will find pockets of people you identify with. This is the epiphany that will allow me to sleep at night. I am misty to leave my friends and family, and fear being isolated and alone. That's my biggie. Not worrying about whether Bryan will find a job or if the schools will satisfy. I worry about my social life. I gotta put my stress somewhere. Oh and I worry that somehow any coolness factoring into my identity is all tied up with being a New Yorker, granted a New Yorker who seldom ventures into Manhattan, but still. But I believe that truism that wherever you go, there you are, and so I know that I will take the cool with me. I will put it, and you, the thought of all you cool cats here who I adore, and stuff you into my Sevens, and take you with me. Stella will stuff you into a lucite box and stow it on her head, because she's her own kid, but I will do the pocket thing. And while you're in there I will begin to pack the cardboard boxes I started collecting this morning, which makes it all feel so finally, heart-thumpingly real.


bryan said...

Stress? Anxiety? Fears? No way. This is so cazh baby...not such a big change at all. That's why I hardly slept last night, because I was so busy thinking about how relaxing and non-anxiety provoking this whole experience is.

Here's to pockets! And to KICKIN' IT UP A NOTCH! POW!

Charlotte said...

Awesome!!!! Congrat. I know it's going to be strange moving into a house but it's all worth it!

rubyredruca said...


Amelia Plum said...

Congratulations! I've got my fingers crossed for you the you find the home of your family's dreams. Love the last part of your post about slipping cool stuff you into your sevens and taking it with you. The pic of stella in the cube is hysterical. Have a great weekend:)

Scuba Mc said...

Wow! Big news Miller's! Having plunged into the unknown ourselves recently, I can certainly appreciate the dynamics of ditching all the cool people and having to start fresh.
Like you said, you're taking the cool with you, and you'll start a new Illadelphia pocket of cool, Crooklyn style.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations!!! I am very excited for you guys and sad all in one breath. I told Bryan that I was to selfish to be happy for you guys. We are going to miss him from the quad!! Here I am being selfish again and now thinking -- OH MY GOD WHAT DOES MARCH HOLDS FOR ME (SIGH)!