Wednesday, July 02, 2008

lulu miller 1992 - 2008

Stella's stitches are out, her scar is but a pink wisp, I am happy about the lack of disfigurement and that this ordeal is now behind us. She screamed her head off through the whole removal process while Bryan and I held her down and sung Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Rainbow Connection, whatever we could think of. The songs were the only thing that coaxed her frightened little body to relax beneath our grip.

Turns out we should have removed the band-aid a day or so before we took her to get the stitches removed because everything got compressed under there and the skin had started to grow over the stitches. Remember this, parents, the next time your kid bashes her head into the sharp, unforgiving corner of your otherwise well-behaved furniture. It would have taken five minutes instead of fifteen, but we are through it.

Meanwhile, the cat died Wednesday. She was sixteen years old, hyperthyroid-compromised, and died of heart failure at the vet's, they euthanized her, after collapsing in a pee and drool puddle on the guest room floor. We buried her in one of the boxes my overstocked novels were packed in. I made sure to take the novels out first.

At the funeral we reminisced about how reluctant Lulu had been to accept Hamish into the fold, how Stella pulled her tail and delighted in her kitty-ness. Hamish said he was thankful for the box of Nerds he got from the free snack table at the vet's while Stella cried, "Box! Box!" her small shoulders heaving with sorrow for the dirt-covered corrugated cardboard. Lulu, you are in a better place now. Tell your brother Giuseppe we said HI, and rest in peace, old gal.


Amelia Plum said...

she's better off now. she's in pet heaven with giuseppe, lily and all the dogs, cats, birds, hamsters ... everyone lost as a kid. i'll let owen tell you about it sometime. the part at the end about stella mourning the box and hamish being thankful for the box of nerds - looove it!

Bryan said...

Hamish also very astutely mentioned that Lulu would be going to Kitty Town now where she will meet with Giuseppe and they will eat mice. Lulu, we will kind of miss you. Perhaps more likely that we will fondly remember you, which is unfortunately more that we did for you in your final days.

Lulu, you can now make ghost pee and poop all over our basement. I won't mind.