Tuesday, October 07, 2008

paint and preschool

Before. Hole in the ceiling. Shiny old white paint.

After. It's a more cohesive look, albeit not too dramatic a change. I like to keep the drama on the walls and out of my relationships, but for now, I'll settle for less, thank you. Tapestry beige trim. China White Walls. Dove White ceiling. Maybe one day I'll tackle a backsplash in something ceramic, richly, thickly glazed in gold or olive or something. Or, you know, knock out a wall and build a glassed in breakfast nook that leads out to a deck and wildflower garden oasis.

This morning when we dropped off Hamish, Stella stood crestfallen outside the school gate, begging to go in and have playgroup. But it's not her day. She got over it while I marveled at how different my kids are. Hamish begged to stay home until this year.

He loves school now, so much that he's been pestering me to leave him there longer.
Ah, here's the drama. A Miami turquoise door. We still have to paint the exterior side. It's Clearlake Blue. The walls are Puritan Gray and more Tapestry Beige for the trim. Now I actually like passing through the back hallway.
I even hung a mirror so I can witness myself praising the paint job.


Amelia Plum said...

ohh, the new kitchen colors are so warm and sunny and light - I hate to say it, it could cause a hubby decorating revolution, but I think Bryan was right with wanting a light color in there. it looks great and I think the grey hallway with the punch of bright blue door works wonderfully and the lovely mirror too. The picture of Stella is so beautiful, I just want to grab her and eat her up there, not really but she looks infinitely huggable. have a great weekend. xox

Mr. Cool said...

Your husband came up with the idea of keeping it light in there? He must be really, really, really wise. Really wise. Seriously. When's he gonna paint the outside of that door already, though?