Sunday, March 08, 2009

getting busy

Strep is coursing through my family like a raging river. Knock wood, I am the only one who remains strep-free. Hamish started the trickle, the dam broke with Bryan, and Stella is hanging onto a metaphorical tree branch as the bacteria sweeps her into feverish discomfort between doses of bubblegum-pink amoxicillin. It's been a hell of a week planning Hamish's birthday celebration without Bryan to pick up the slack, and he is usually the slack-picker-upper extraordinaire.

But as the week wore on I fell into a groove, darting between Trader Joe's and Partyland, and a funny thing happened. I got busy. Busier than usual. Not even time for yoga. But my mind felt just as clear. I was on a mission. I felt like a real stay-at-home mom, not like the fraud I usually fear I am. And here's the robot cake to prove it:

And the satisfied five-year old:

That's me below on my anthology shoot. I got to peruse a galley, which looks mui good, and I got to meet some of the talented women who contributed to the book. It's always a rush to see my words in print. My essay is called "Forgive Me," and it's about how hopefully I can steer Stella away from making the same choices I did in my last life. And the more I toss and turn in bed at night in panicky anticipation of its publication, I think that the title is meant not only for Stella, but for my mom and dad, and anyone who chances to read it. It's a little raw, even for me. 

Lastly, my son, he likes to dress up and par-tay. The pic below is from when he was still four, long ago last week. So young. He felt suddenly compelled to don his suit and rock out, and who am I to stand in his way? He likes to come upstairs to my bedroom and play his guitar, pose in the mirror, and practice his star moves. I'm always up for a show. For this is what we do.


Larissa Phillips said...

Hamish is really cute. (Djuna is still talking about the Jingle Bells dance video...) NICE cake! And I can't wait to read the anthology!

kristi said...

i am frantically searching for good boy cake ideas (need one for my soon-to-be-6-year-old) and i LOVE this cake.

did you make it up? or have instructions? i'm no good at the former so i have my fingers crossed you have a link you can share with me?

i'm really glad i found this blog. i feel like you express so well things that i feel inside but would never come out that way if i tried to write them down. :) thank you.

Amelia Plum said...

I love the picture of Hamish rocking out, and with the leopard print carpet to make it even more rockstar-esque. Happy Birthday. The robot cake is lovely. And you look lovely at the anthology shoot. Can't wait to see the story. I think the 'forgive me' could be to yourself as well, be gentle to yourself, you rock! And here's hoping you avoid the strep. xox

Rachel said...

Elise! I love the photo of Hamish all rockstarred out. And the robot cake - are those cupcakes I see??? !!! I want to come visit all of you. Is it rude to invite myself? xo, Rachel