Friday, April 03, 2009

yin yang pink pang

Enjoying the weather, indulging in a little creativity, taking advantage of the natural light. It makes for much tastier paint. It's just not as good when you eat it in the basement. This way it's more like a picnic. Alfresco dining makes even the blandest paints taste special. I like giving special treats to my children because it shows I care. But washing the paint out of her mouth? Off of her face, hair and hands? That's what Stella would call child abuse, if she knew the term. It was so cute, the other day, she said, "Don't say 'fuck,' Mommy." Baby's first swear word. Precious. But you know, the trauma of bathing that I inflict on this tender angel, I think it makes her more creative. Brings out the soulfulness in her work. It's win-win.



Amelia Plum said...

oh my word, that is some very bright pink paint that stella got her hands, tongue and lips on but she sure looks happy.

kristi said...


yeah, um, aedan was saying "fuck" in the backseat the other day, and gillian was telling on him, saying "aedan just said 'fuck.'"

i think it was just a grand scheme so they could both curse. we were laughing so hard we could barely scold them.