Sunday, May 17, 2009

holding forth

Stella turned three this week. Happy birthday Angel-cake. My daughter's age is finally catching up with her height and precocious manner. Now I won't get that smug thrill anymore when people ask how old she is and I say, "Two," and they can't get over it, because she seems older than her tender years. So I'm into showing off about my kids. Apparently. Meanwhile, Hamish refuses to eat anything pink, so he got an ice cream cone. Meanwhile again, I should have saved myself the time and few bucks for the cake mix and just served Stella a can of pink icing. Kids.

My mother. Shiver. In this picture, she is holding forth on how much better-looking children are these days, much cuter than years ago, say, when I was a baby. 

Meanwhile, Hamish is downstairs telling Bryan that he doesn't like when so many people come over because "Everyone is blah blah blah, and I hate to hear so many people talk!" Which explains why he spent the afternoon during his sister's birthday party in a cardboard box in the basement. He had the company of two friends and a plastic cash register, so it wasn't like a silent retreat, but I'm not surprised my kid doesn't go for the party-animal vibe. His sister has that territory covered. 

Below, Stella takes a spin in her new princess dress. She decided against the silky cone hat, and we are teaching her how to lift the front of her dress so she doesn't trip over herself, and she is learning that some fabric scratches the skin until you want to rip it off in angry shreds. Still, I was tickled pink to see my daughter all dolled up in satin and tulle. Thank you Gigi and Grandpop for the fancy dress-up outfit. It's a ten.


vrexy said...

Thanks for the mention of me. Now I feel like a princess in a pink dress!! And yes, I'm a total fan of yours, for way over "free" years now!

(Wonderful break from the chaos of packing, etc.)

Love the pictures. Stella is so precious!

Larissa Phillips said...

I believe Stella will continue to impress.

kristi said...

so glad to see you again here. been checking, lamenting not reading anything funny and real.

i have been wrestling with blogging lately as well. i am a very in-your-face honest-and-open kind of person, but the past few weeks i've been wondering if that's so good for me. i mean, it's what usually draws people to me, but are most of the people drawn to that really worth having around?

ok, i know that sounds harsh, but that part of me seems to draw only needy people, and what if i'm needy sometimes too?

that said, i still really appreciate your honest and forthright assessments of motherhood/humanity and sorely miss it when you are absent here.

what a great pink dress on your daughter! and that story about your son hiding in the basement is classic. our oldest (girl) really gets overwhelmed by large crowds too and wants to be antisocial and go lie on her bed and read...

elise said...

hey thanks ladies!

kristi-- it's so validating to hear that my absence was missed. I missed me too.

I've been wondering the same thing-- am I exploiting myself at a cost I'm not even aware of yet? Would I be more emotionally sound if I didn't sound off? Is it good for me? just like you say.

But I think, maybe like you, that it's an intrinsic part of myself to be open about the stuff that most people mask, and combined with writing ability, how can we not write it and share it? It's at the risk of offending people, or being judged negatively but I think that I draw exactly the kind of people who appreciate knowing they're not alone with their uncomfortable emotions, and that makes my day and makes it all worthwhile. I just hope the kids get it when they're older...

Amelia Plum said...

Happy Birthday Stella! She looks adorable in the itchy princess dress, she's a beautiful little girl now instead of a beautiful toddler. That part about Hamish in the basement cracked me up, I'd be right there with him. Gosh your backyard looks pretty.