Wednesday, August 19, 2009


One of the Miller women is not so stuck when it comes to her writing. Below, a story by Stella, which may or may not offer a fresh angle on a certain mother's current chaotic state of mind:

The Robot Princess Pink Pig

It was, but then, a Mommy Robot Princess Pink Pig and then a robot Mommy and then a robot Mommy Princess Pink Pig and then a daddy pig had his clothes on and then something happened I don’t know and ummmmmmmm.... a pig come that wasn’t a robot, that was a robot that wasn’t a robot Princess Pink Pig, it was the three little pigs! The three little pigs on Dora and uh the Robot Princess Pink Pig and then it sssss....... got there and then Dora got there quick and Boots! That’s the end of the story! The! End! And um. Robot Princess Pink Pig got there quick and then the big bad wolf come there and was nice to the three little pigs the end! The End that’s the end Mommy that’s the end. Mommy that’s the end.


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