Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mommy see mommy do

Above, Hamish and Stella hard at work keeping up with the times and emulating Mommy, who's been writing more than usual lately. Hamish's favorite these days is an arcade-style Wow! Wow! Wubzy! game, and I gotta admit, he's pretty good, and so is the game. He'd get more practice if Mommy weren't always hogging the computer. Tonight he warned me that I was wasting the battery by leaving the thing open on my desk. "But it's plugged in!" I protested, wondering how in such a short span of time we'd switched places. "The phone's ringing," he said in response, as if to say, get it together, woman. And I did. It was Bryan.
I'm conflicted about the video game/computer issue. While I think it's important for the kids to learn their way around a computer, I also think it's important for them to go outside once in a while, and play with a... with a... what's the thing called again? Oh yeah. A ball.

Until that day, the little zombies bask in the soft blue glow.

They would have amused themselves until the sun came up if I didn't rudely interrupt them and make them—gasp—eat dinner.


Hubs said...

Apoplectic? I had to look that up. In which sense? That I nearly had a stroke, or that I was really angry (which nearly caused me to have a stroke)?

Congrats on your first paycheck honey! You rock.

kristi said...

oh, how many times have we had something like that for dinner (um, not the chicken/tater/beets combo but the cheese/chips/yogurt combo)...

ditto the congrats! and i'm envious that you get to leave the house to make your cash... :)

elise said...

thanks cuddly friends. hubs, I like your brain pic. I keep forgetting to click on your name to see what hidden treasure you've bestowed upon us. kristi, how validating is it to know we are not alone in our children's consumption of crappishness?