Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hamish continues to amass collections of discarded and sometimes disgusting detritus atop his paint-peeling bookshelves. I've finally named them even though Hame is the king of naming in our family. Currently he's naming his Bakugon collection, but the only name I can remember is "Radiation," for one of the hinged arms of his biggest transforming ball of plastic. Very esoteric around here. I haven't shown him these photos yet, because if I did, he might balk that I'm throwing the stuff away, or he might want to take over the project, but I like arranging his garbage bits, documenting them and sharing them here, and I'm not sure I'm willing to collaborate. Prices start at $250 for a print created using archival pigment inks on 100% cotton rag paper with a luster finish. Yes. I'm talking out of my A$$.

Disney Chase Visa (below) was created using feathers from a Room & Board sofa, a popped punching balloon (a recent gift from the Odland family), dried up bits of soy sausage, booger flecks, a dried leaf, and a cardboard promotional credit card.

Smarties (below) consists of a candy wrapper, pistachio shells, used tissue, untwisted twine, pulled fringe from poorly constructed Crate & Barrel throw pillows, a twig, and sofa cushion feathers. And maybe a fingernail clipping. YUMMO!

Otherwise things are different around here. For one thing, Hamish and I aren't bawling our eyes out at kindergarten drop-off anymore. We're getting used to the hoards of khaki-clad, Keen-wearing families, the corporate-sponsored institutional cheer and the snappy pastel brochures defining words like "multi-cultural." No really, it's a great school. And I have even signed up to volunteer this year. I don't know what's come over me. I think I might be growing up. They have a kid-publishing program, and kid-writing, both of which involve sitting one-on-one with students to help them craft pieces of writing. I am stoked, not only because I am a vain published author who thrives on external validation of my skills but also because the school's writing scores need to be improved and I want to help raise them in any way I can because writing has done so much good for me and I believe it can do so for anyone.

Stella finally started school today at her old preschool, five days a week, woohoo! She slid right in there, met her teachers, sat at a tiny table and molded that homemade play-dough like it was any other day. My fearless little princess does not ruffle a feather. Thanks be to God. I'm sure she'll get me in some other horrible way. Say when she's fifteen. I wonder if she'll love robot-princess-pink-pigs then.

You'd think I'd have all sorts of crazy time to myself now that the kids are in school. From nine until eleven-fifty. Three hours! What will I do with myself? No. The only reason I get any time to do my own thing is because Bryan picks the kids up and then takes them until three, until it's my turn. He's my loving and cute after-care specialist. We see each other at the kid hand-off and let's just say that I've learned to talk really fast. Otherwise we don't get a chance to connect until the weekend.


kristi said...

i seriously think if you were to actually take these around, try to get them in a gallery, someone would want to pay $1K for them. you know? so maybe someone will contact you and want to buy one of them. then you can quit your part-time job. ;)

i'm so glad you are writing again, and it's so fun to keep up with you on twitter and see your progress.

speaking of which, i had a dream last night that my whole family was staying at your house. and everything was fine, and then you got mad about something, and i kept asking you what's wrong, and you finally said, "you don't know me very well."

hmmm...i have no idea where that came from, but then the alarm woke me up and i've had a headache ever since. i just remember i was extremely bothered that you wouldn't tell me what was going on. oh, and my husband was getting dressed for church. which is really weird b/c we don't even go right now AND we wouldn't go to the same church anyway. ha!


your random commenter of the day ;)

Amelia Plum said...

you have to fill us in on this part time job. great news about writing again, i know you can take self doubt to an art form but you can also write your pants off, a turn of phrase comes quite easily to you. so when you get discouraged just think of that, although not literally unless, hey, that works for you and helps you push on. xox