Wednesday, March 24, 2010

jamie oliver wants to nourish america. and I want to help.

I'm so moved by this video in my current state of nutritional zeal. It coincided nicely with Hamish's parent-teacher-child conference this morning, where I got the opportunity to bring it up with his teacher Miss H., who feels the same way about whole wheat Pop-Tarts as I do. I was so super-psyched that she is on the same page with this business, I almost high-fived Bryan right there.

Miss H. is all for a change in what the kids are being offered for snack and brought up another relevant point, that the kids are being fed snacks all the gosh darn day, in addition to their three meals, and that some parents bring in two trays of birthday cupcakes, one for their child's classroom and another for their kid's aftercare session.

Hamish got fidgety while we talked, descended to the floor underneath the conference table and scraped up a rogue goldfish cracker as if to punctuate our discussion. I picked up the thing and said, Now this! This isn't even real food! It doesn't nourish our children so that they can actually absorb the information you are trying so valiantly to impart to them. And Bryan elbowed me in the ribs.

I got a hold of myself, and still Miss H. invited me to visit the class and do a nutrition lesson. Which I told her I'd be happy to do, despite my (hopefully waning) fear of responsibility. And—will she find out what a lunatic I am if she doesn't sense it already?

Okay, without further adieu...


kristi said...

i haven't had time yet to watch this thing but i am so freaking tired of my kids coming home every single day with some type of candy, that they then proceed to harass me about eating for the rest of the evening. today we devolved into one kid sitting in the corner for trying to sneak it back from me and another trying to stuff it in a jewelry box. so from now on it's going in the trash the minute we come home.

but i want to find out what the hell is going on in the classroom. like, WHY ON EARTH is candy even being passed out? why are cupcakes being served all day long like you pointed out? why are some of the things kids can get out of the treasure box for good behavior sweet things straight from hell?

ack. this is bad. i'm boarding the train with you, sister.

elise said...

wish you could come and help me with my little class project!

love the innovation of your little sugar fiends. the jewelry box! ha.

I hear we can make a difference in the schools, we parents. we have nothing to lose except ill health, right?

lots of unrefined love!

Mitch said...

Hi, Elise, obviously I haven't been keeping up with your blog in a timely fashion. Rox and I just got hooked on Oliver's new show "Food Revolution" and have to say it is jaw-dropping, astounding, and horrifying. You parents have your work cut out for you, no doubt, considering what your children are being fed while you're not watching, though I feel somewhat confident that Philadelphia kids and Brooklyn kids alike can identify common veggies. That bit blew my mind.