Wednesday, June 02, 2010

hide the lucky

The only thing that is certain is that I will always figure out a way to spend money.

My new life, okay it's maybe four months old now, just cutting its first teeth, has found me in the atypical spot of not jonesing for new clothes and shoes all the time the way I used to. And if it wasn't shoes it was flim-flam for the house. Decor. Design. A table shaped like a tree stump perhaps. I still like all that seductive stuff but I don't think about it, I don't read about it, I don't care as much about it. Maybe it's all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals satiating me the way I thought the perfect pair of boots would. Of course as I type the words I fear that I am jinxing myself to high holy hell over here. I'd better hide the back issues of Lucky.

You'd think I'd be saving money, not buying all the do-dads and gewgaws I used to obsess over. But no. My grocery bill, see, has nearly doubled. Beef ain't free. And my thirst for information is insatiable. Even though I have been haunting the neighborhood libraries and downloading all the free podcasts I can get my grass-fed fingers on, Amazon is getting its fair share of Miller earnings. As are the places that sell the vitamins I just gotta have.

I never in a million jillion years thought that I, Elise Miller, would be choosing cod liver oil over a closetful of cute tops.


Cate said...

We need to meet. I never thought I'd say this, but my desire to shop has pretty much evaporated. The idea of visiting Nordstrom's Rack makes me want to ask for the rack -- you know, the other kind.

Husband and I took a look at our finances he other night to see where the huge leak is. Martindale's; Trader Joe's; Lancaster Farm Fresh; homeopath (worth every penny!); Martindale's again; Redding Terminal Market... We're eating our savings. Eating them.

I have so lost touch with fashion, that I had to ask a fashionable friend to take me to buy clothes. Knowing my frugal ways, she did me one better, and had me go through her unwanted garments. Score! Next time, that time after I actually get paid again, she watch the kidlets while I gallivant around NoLibs, panicking at the idea of spending a week's grocery money on shoes.

elise said...

Cate! Let's meet for lunch! Glad to know I'm not alone. I'm hoping not to lose touch with my design sense but it is amazing how I've changed and all due to learning about real food. At least we are curbing future medical costs, right? meanwhile I am envious of your book collection!

gesbaby said...

you either pay the grocer or the doctor, as the saying goes. Most of our money goes to real food or vitamins, homeopathy, craniosacral or books. Library is great, but sometimes you have to buy a book, you just do!!

elise said...

is that you RH? Gesbaby? thanks for checking in! must learn more about craniosacral. am intrigued.

gesbaby said...

yep - this is RH and would be happy to chat with you about cranio.

Anonymous said...

okay so what are the vitamins you have to have? and the cod liver oil, are you taking that as a capsule? can you steer me towards a seminal book for this real food switch? hope you're well.

elise said...

RH, yes let's talk cranio. I wiki'd it and am even more intrigued! can you email me your personal experience with it? or we could talk on the phone but that might prove a logistical nightmare. I tend to get more communication success through writing. why is that? (um, kids!)

Kim, is this Kim from the infamous Chicago days? Whassup!

okay vitamins - I got the fermented cod liver oil gummy fish for my kids. it's on sale now. they love it. and I finally bought some grown-up fermented CLO for myself, the emulsified gel in oslo orange flavor.

The bible of this way of eating is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. It's part cookbook, part manifesto. There are podcasts featuring her on as well as on and in one or the other she lists the 5 most nutrient-dense foods: grass-fed butter, CLO, fish eggs, organ meats and raw milk/dairy.

another terrific vitamin resource is the book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. Her website is where she has a vitamin store, but in the book she recommends specific vitamins, amino acids and other supplements and gives you quizzes to determine your needs and tells you why you want one vitamin versus another. I take the book with me to Whole Foods when I buy my other supplements. Her book is especially helpful if you have mood issues: anger, anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc. This one changed my life.

I'm so glad you asked this question! thank you! Stay groovy!

Amelia Plum said...

it is the kim from pittsburgh. i was in another email account so my regular thing didn't come up. thanks for all the helpful info. i'm going to check out those books this weekend and look at the websites too.