Sunday, November 28, 2010

50 hours down

Tonight was the last night of my Anusara teacher's training with Justicia Friese DeClue, who, if I haven't already said this, is brilliant, not just because she's a gifted yogi, not because her head holds a thousand tons of information—anatomy, philosophy, possibly every page of the Anusara teaching syllabus...but also because she knows how to disseminate her knowledge and provide the safe space for her students to feel deserving, welcome and full of potential to soar. Plus, although she's steadfast in her belief in Shiva-Shakti Tantra, she's not at all gooey, and that suits me.

I am gushing, it's true. Maybe I am gooey.
When I started the training in what, October? I was poised to conquer my back pain and my inhibitions about taking responsibility as a teacher. A month later, I realize that the road is longer than I suspected. I still hurt but I don't feel as victimized by the pain. Learning my physical habits helps. So does that Anatomy Coloring Book. So does the fact that so many other students in the class have physical limitations to work with. Now I see those clenched muscles as a map drawing me closer to the destination of proper alignment and release. Because the body knows. Listening to it instead of bullying it is monumental. Empowering. I do shavasana (corpse pose) on my side now. Revolutionary! My teacher likes to say, "No pain, no pain." Why did I not ever see that before? Yoga is supposed to be fun after all.

And I'm still not sure if teaching is for me. Practicing assists on my classmates usually brings me to a stammering standstill. It's very possible that if faced with a class full of students I will pee my Supplex pants.

But you never know. There are many hours to go. And I'm learning to open to the possibilities, to bow to the teacher within.



art said...

Teach on Elise<3

jessica said...

what is it about anusara that drew you to it over other forms of yoga? (feel free to direct me to a past post if you already explained this...)

Elise Abrams Miller said...

thanks art!

Jessica, thank you for asking! I thought I had a post about this but I can't find it. I'm not the most consistent labler. Anyway, I love vinyasa but my back issues drew me to Anusara because it is a more therapeutic form that teaches proper alignment. There's less flow but I feel safe in backbends again thanks to it. Do you practice too?

kristi said...

your new profile pic ROCKS. you are a babe. ;)

i don't know anything about real yoga (just denise austin style and physique 57, which are probably like buying a bag with a coach label sewn on and pretending i'm rich), so i'm not going to comment about the actual post. just wanted to say hi.