Sunday, January 02, 2011

happy new year very much

I actually have some resolutions this year. Two resolutions.

1. To please stop saying 'awesome' unless something is truly awesome. I have this thing about being in my forties and saying, "awesome!" like I did when I was eighteen. Or maybe back then I said "tubular." I'm after more grown-up words. Maybe it's part of my mid-life crisis. Whatever it is, I am on high alert. In the past four days at yoga I have witnessed two students say "awesome" when another student or teacher helped them squeeze their mat into a packed class. That it's not just me is reassuring but increases my chances of failure. I am impressionable and must work hard for this one. Makes me wonder, do we say awesome instead of thank you? I will be on the lookout.

1.B. To minimize my 'like' and 'you know' conversational smatterings. Same idea.

2. To chill. Maybe not go OCD on my family's ass every time I see a milky ring on the dining table, an abandoned plush pet in the middle of the living room, a houseful of unmade beds. I've already started working on this one, but I thought this year I'd make it official. I could also chill in other aspects of my life, but I'm so chill right now I can't remember what they are.

Oh but, chilling will inevitably include not cursing myself out every time I blurt 'awesome,' 'like' or 'you know.' This shouldn't add any pressure.

To this I could add, to relax, but I don't mean it in that patronizing way I hate, like when I'm all worked up over something important and some douche bag tells me, "Hey, relax," when I have no interest in relaxing, fuckyouverymuch. I mean more to luxuriate when I can. Stay a couple extra minutes in the shower and let the hot water soothe me. Get a massage. Take more naps. Light a candle. Do some reclining twists. Download more songs from Glee and BELT THEM OUT.

That's it. I could add more. About writing or yoga or parenting or lightening up. But that'd weigh too heavy on my ability to chill and relax.

Happy new year very much!


kristi said...

oooooh! i LOVE your new header! and that it's back to celebrating you. just you.

i like your resolutions. i think you can totally, like, do them, you know. you are so awesome after all.

miss you.


Amelia Plum said...

very good new year's resolutions and i second krisit's love of the new header. and you changed the colors to your favorite red, light blue combo. did you draw that banner yourself and then scan it? very nice. the relaxing that entails a massage sounds quite good to me.

vinegar and vanilla said...

Chillaxin' = good.

2 doable resolutions = mo' bettah.

Good luck and happy new year!