Saturday, February 19, 2011

now I remember laughter

I wanted to wait to post till I was sure I was giddy with joy, because I tell you Reader, the winter has been a suckfest. I was waiting for the third boot to drop, you know how bad news comes in threes. But Stella's teacher who spoils me rotten with her adoration for my kids, told me I could use her brother for my third thing. He's battling cancer. So thank you Miss K. I am done now. And I will pray for your brother even though I'm a budding atheist. And with the melting snow, let's just say I should give myself the gift of one of those light hats for next winter. The sun makes everything so much better. So does a doofy Adam Sandler movie. So yes, laughter made a comeback this evening. Praise be.

On a serious note, the photo above is documentation of my children's first collaborative covert mission to break the house rules. They climbed on top of the kitchen counter, wangled the stash down from the highest shelf in the cabinet, and ate all that crap. The incident occurred when I was napping a day or so after V-day, which somehow has become Halloween junior, which grates on my nerves. I mean, Lik-a-Stik? Valentines that come attached to little bits of candy? Cupcake and cookie party? Really? We need that shit? Teachers like this nonsense in their classrooms? I ask you.

So yeah, I had this sinus infection, the kind that gives you a raging toothache and keeps you up half the night. I come downstairs, it's about five P.M., time to thaw the beef, and I hear, "Mommy's coming," and then Hamish smiles the guilty toothless smile and even his gums are blue. The jig was up. The funny thing is, I didn't get mad. I just thought, well it's about frigging time they made mischief together, and collected the wrappers from the trash can to photograph. I mean they actually threw away their own garbage. It was miraculous. Then when they were in the living room playing with their Zhu Zhu pets, I threw away all the candy they didn't eat. I am telling you now, I am stuffing band-aids in their Easter eggs, and we are giving out dental floss next Halloween. No one will come to our door. Whatevs.

I wonder what they'll do next. I'd better go hide the scissors.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

My kid's school has a "healthy eating" program so they've done away with most of the parties too. They did come home with a little bit of candy but not much. One year on Halloween (pre HE days) my daughter ate so much junk she literally made herself sick.

Steve Sewall said...


I stumbled on you comment on my blog only weeks ago - Couldn't get back to you quick and it got lost in the thickets of my blogs & emails. So now, clearing the thickets, I just stumbled on it again - won't make the same mistake twice!

Great to hear from you - and so proud to see you are a published author, and well received! I just bought Star Craving from Amazon - my 7th grader Joe wants to be famous some day like Billie Joe of Green Day so I'm sure he and I have something to learn from it. I ran into Noah and Eric Swanson last November - will meet up with them before soon I hope - I see Ms Mubabich once or twice year - Also in touch with Chris Pusillano - but I miss everyone else - wish I'd done a better job of keep us all in touch. Rene Rosenau is a successful of high-end teeny bopper clothes stores - Brad Weston (the great Brad Weston became a clown - Tommy Ridolfo a DEA agent - I'll stop here for the nonce - I'll be in touch when I've read your tome.

Hi to your mom -

Your Old Headmaster, Mr Sewall

Amelia Plum said...

elise i think you might die if you saw the snacks that they give out to my kids at aftercare (windex blue fruit juice figures prominently). i love that they actually threw the wrappers away. how cute the two of them conspiring against you. hope you're well and enjoyed your trip to the poconos. xox

Elise Abrams Miller said...

thanks for the comment, MTJ. I wish my kids' school had a healthy eating program. I'm happy that you have it. we'll have HE at home, and then CE at school. C is for crappy.

Mr. Sewall! So thrilled to get your comment. thank you for getting back to me, my mom will be tickled. thanks for buying SCM, I hope you enjoy. Hopefully we can catch up one of these days. maybe we can start a facebook group for the school to find everyone...

AP, the cuteness never ceases, does it. the bluer the better I say. xoxo