Monday, June 06, 2011


A few of us moms from Stella's class are swapping playdate hostessing duties since school let out ridiculously early. Enjoying the weather, sitting on the porch with my laptop while the girls have scooter races in the driveway. Relaxing during their inevitably fleeting bit of cooperative, independent fun before one of them comes running to me breathlessly to tell on one of the others.

We have new names now, well three of us do. Scout, Scout Barbie, and me, Queen Alexika. Scout named me. Scout Barbie doesn't like it. But Scout Barbie will have to put up with me being Queen Alexika for the week if she doesn't stop being so bossy.


The Scout Princesses of Sea, Night and Sky are all French braided. Because, guess what? The lice came back. Courtesy of the neighbor boy. The lice don't get new names. Well, maybe Herman.

As I type a pest control truck backs out of the neighbor's driveway. I clicked the link emblazoned on the truck. They don't handle lice. But they do bedbugs.

Tonight, I will pray. 


Amelia Plum said...

lice again?! i am so sorry to read that. did everyone get it or just stella? well, if you have to deal with the lice any more you might be able to start your own de-nitting business. i hear you can charge a fortune for those services and people will pay it. ugh, i keep holding my breath praying we don't get another visit from those clingy critters. the picture is so sweet with the three of them with their braids and slender backs to the camera.

kristi said...

eek. yes, let us all pray against bedbugs.

i like the pseudonyms.