Thursday, July 28, 2011

temper my temper

This week the kids are in sports camp. They'll be going camping soon, at that place called Crap Creek where I no longer venture. And then the whole lot of us are off to a farm vacation. Have you heard of WWOOF? I should put the word vacation in quotes. We will be earning our keep after all, working on the farm. I hope the kids like it. Bryan hopes I like it.

This is week four of my Primal experiment. The program I am following is here. If anyone's interested, I'd love a partner in Prime. Haha! That is a bad joke. Has it really been a month since I cut out grains and sugar? Aside from my intermittently sluggish bowel (you heard it here first) it's going well. I italicize that in order to illustrate how I want to say more about how well it's going, jump up and down maybe, but I am loathe to do any of that.

See, when I first started paying attention to what I eat last Spring, my mood improved so much I thought I'd found a new religion. I learned about serotonin and L-tryptophan. Then my mood began to tank and I felt like a fool for sharing the highs, only to feel compelled to share the lowly lows. Then I cut wheat from my diet and my mood elevated again. And tanked again.

From this latest vantage point I wonder if grain and sugar were the culprits all along. Without processed foods I loaded up on sourdough bread and homemade ice cream. Without wheat, I started eating more rice and corn. A lot more.

So these days my mood is stable and mostly positive and calm. The kids haven't driven me bat-shit, so subsequently I haven't spun into a tizzy of guilt-soaked self-hatred, which I am profoundly grateful for and amazed by—amazed that FOOD can temper my, uh, temper.

That is my main reason for eating this way. Being anxious and depressed just sucks big ass wads, so whatever I can do to combat that naturally, I will.

My energy remains mostly high, I'm feeling lean and trying not to be smug around Bryan, who as usual, thinks I'm a nut job, but a decent enough nut job to keep around. He says he'll think about joining me in five months if I'm still reaping rewards.

I hope so.

Peace out y'all.

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