Saturday, September 03, 2011

Random smatterings, Insomniac haze

Bryan and I got busy. Busy in the kitchen. Oh yeah. We lacto-fermented more than we did last summer—zucchini, cucumbers, salsa, gingered beets and carrots with cardamom—used more veg from our garden than last summer, since Bryan grew more, since he got serious (I look forward to participating in the planting more next year), and now we are enjoying the sometimes fizzy fruits of our labor. I've been downing salsa like nobody's business—on eggs, on taco night, and drinking the brine for a digestive boost. I'd like to thank salsa for my poops. Sniff. 

I have insomnia. I think it's from the steroids I'm on for the fluid the ENT detected behind my right eardrum, Lord knows how long that's been there.

I went to the ENT because I have this weird ear thing where my ear pops open and I can hear myself talking inside my head. I can hear my breathing, my heartbeat, my footfalls. According to the world wide web it's called Patulous Eustachian Tube, and it's rare and it's barely fixable. Hooray! It doesn't hurt but it's annoying as hell and makes me want to lie down, because when I do it stops. Or when I bend over. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does, oy. Unfortunately losing weight and exercising are prone to worsening symptoms but hell no, I won't sit around and gain weight. Anyway, PET is one of the few things Primal can't fix. In fact, since losing weight and exercising more (and by exercising more I mean walking barefoot around my neighborhood until I grow the balls and the funds to try this), it's been worse. What a buzz-kill. Actually, wait. Scratch the exercising more thing. I am not even exercising more. I am exercising less. But I am moving around more and I am sitting less.

I've had PET for over a decade. It obviously took me a while to get it looked at.

The fluid may or may not have anything to do with the PET. The PET happens because my eustachian tube doesn't stay closed the way it should. The fluid has me slightly deafer in my right ear.

The kicker is that the steroids make the PET worse and may have no effect on the fluid. God I love Western medicine!

I already tapered off the Prednisone thank God but I'm still on the spray. And I'm thinking about kicking it to the curb tomorrow. I can't stand this shit.

This is what I learned: I hate steroids. They make me mean and unsympathetic. Or maybe it's the kids. Or maybe it's my diet. I'm looking into this since reading this Primal blogger's account of her vulcan-like apathy. Could sweets really make you sweeter? Maybe. Still, I'll choose apathy over anxiety any day of the week. The steroids, though. They give me a headache and interrupt my sleep. I love sleep.

I've wanted to blog for a while but haven't had the chance. This seems like the perfect time, five AM. Is insomniac blogging the same as drunk blogging?

Summer is done. My tan is fading. But I look forward to dropping my kids off at school. Oh I do. This week has been rough, ladies. Men. Puppies... 

Okay these pics are Stella-heavy but these are my flagged shots so here we go. Above, a rare shot of Stells with her hair neatly kept. Below, looking scarily grown up. 

Below, twirling. It reminds me of the cure's The Head on The Door album cover. But it's just a five year-old girl showing off the twirl power of a new, already beloved dress. 

Sweet dreams, y'all. And happy last summer weekend.


Amelia Plum said...

love LOVE the pictures. the first one of the two of them is so endearing and the one of stella by herself, she's goregous and so composed. i'm really sorry to hear about the ear popping hearing the voice/heartbeat/footfalls in you head ailment. i've gotten that with really bad sinus infections and know how maddening that can be. steroids, ugh, they are horrible with side effects, although they can help in a pinch with inflammation. just be glad you don't have anything autoimmune related or they'd be pushing steroids on you left and right. the gingered beets and carrots with cardamom sound yummy! hope your PET related fluid buildup goes away fingers crossed. xox

Elise Abrams Miller said...

Hey AP! Thank you! I'm glad you know what I"m talking about with the PET but sorry to hear you've had to experience it. I guess everyone does when driving up a mountain or taking off in a plane. Thanks for crossing those fingers. xox back atcha.

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I've woken up plenty of times at 2 am to blog...seems to work pretty well...