Tuesday, April 22, 2008

master bedroom before & during. meow...

I admit it's not exactly fair to the previous owners to show pics of a messy room. They were in the midst of packing when I took these, so I apologize to them. They are cool peeps. However, I also will admit that the "during" shots make me look like a talented muther fecker in the interiors department. The pic above, by the way is this interesting mini alcove at the top of the stairs, the kind of nook that inspires everyone who sees it to offer their idea of what should fill it. Mostly I hear that a small shelf or book case would look very cute. People seem to want to fill it.
This is the same space after painting and carpeting. (Yes, that's tiger on the stairs, meow.) My idea for the nook so far, and I don't say "so far" lightly, as I am susceptible to changes of heart that make Bryan sputter and choke as if he's being waterboarded, but my idea is to throw a pretty pillow down as an invitation to perch, maybe with a book.  
The office. I think my least favorite wood is oak and my least favorite paint choice is sunny yellow. 
I still have to buy a desk. I'm liking the Parsons table at West Elm. In white. 
Their bed.
Our bed. The headboard and frame are due to arrive in mid-May. I'm still wondering how to work the night tables, which we don't have, and the lamps, since the windows are so low. I might move the whole thing over to the wall on the right. We don't even sleep up here yet. 
More oak, but cool built-in dressers. I thought it was a clever use of space, and it meant that we didn't have to buy dressers. I did buy some nice drawer pulls, however. They just arrived today, about three weeks after their scheduled delivery. Ah, renovations.
As per my instructions, I had Bryan paint the skylight walls light blue, the same Benjamin Moore "Quiet Moments" that the stairwell was done in. Yeah, I got the idea from Domino. But it might have been Met Home, now that I think about it. Whichever it was, sigh.
So the stairs. 
Whoa! I knew I wanted pattern on the stairs. I originally wanted something graphic, but at twenty-plus dollars per square foot, or yard, I can't remember, it was out of the question. Then I saw this tiger, and wasn't sure. But the more I thought about it, the more I couldn't say no. And it looked even hotter at the sale price of $3. Wool, too. Stella meows at it. Hamish and I think it's rock and roll. The banister still needs to be painted in a dark semi-gloss for enduring all those fingerprints. I have run the gamut in my mind: eggplant, hot pink, chartreuse, cobalt. What about you? Any ideas? I thought a shot of color could be cool against all those serene colors, and give the tiger a like-minded friend. And the light blue on the walls isn't showing at all in the picture. The sun is pretty bright right there at certain times of day. It had me second-guessing my choice, wondering if I should have gone for the brighter sky blue instead. But we used that new Aura paint and it is butt-expensive, so I'll be dipped if I'm going to repaint before a decade passes. And it will pass in a blink anyway. This is an example of what drives my husband to the brink. I didn't even share this one with him. But I share with you. How lucky you are! 
More office.
And the same spot after. Well, during. The chair was a floor sample from Pottery Barn. Half price, ka-ching. Not sure if the painting will hang there or not. I will need to put a book shelf somewhere in this space. The idea with the chair, this is revolutionary I know, is to sit there and read or type on my laptop and look out the window and be inspired, lose myself in deep thought that won't ever ever be interrupted by children and their incessant needs. Bless their sticky hearts.


stellamarys said...

Looking good. (This is really Mary K. in Rockport)

stellamarys said...

Looking good. (This is really Mary K. in Rockport)

Heather said...

I think a punch of color on the banister would be awesome. Why electric blue is screaming to me I don't know...but it is. Thanks for sharing!

Amelia Plum said...

Love your pics, the place looks amazing! The trim looks great white with your paint color choices. I really like the blue in the hallway, very serene, it looks great in the second photo that you put up. And clever you doing the skylight walls in the same pale blue. Love to see all that you're doing to the place, can't wait to see it in person.

Alan Roberta said...

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