Tuesday, June 10, 2008

living room dining room

Dining room before.
Living room before. Those windows look out onto the front porch.
I like mini pumpkins.
Keep your eye on the fireplace.
Dining room presently. The table is a floor sample from Pottery Barn that I got for half-price. It seats up to twelve. I'd better learn how to cook. The only thing is that I just read a little review of Coldplay, possibly in Time Magazine, where they liken them to the "character of a Pottery Barn table." I don't think they meant it kindly. I like Coldplay and Pottery Barn tables, it seems. I guess I'm getting boring and conformist in my old age. I just like things pretty these days. I'm too tired for anything else. I'll leave the pionerring to the childless youngsters.

The dining chairs are from Ikea. Well, four of them are. They're actually comfortable and I was thrilled when I saw them. Can you see the Louis Ghost chair? Can you spot my drool droplets on it? I've been coveting those ever since I saw them however many years ago. They were a housewarming present from my mother.
The living room now. The fireplace now. Painted Decorators White from Ben Moore. I call him Ben. I stripped the mantel. I'm diving headfirst into rustic modern. Can I pair that with lucite? The paintings are Kathy Calderwood originals, symbolic archetype portraits of Bryan and myself. Bryan gifted me mine for my thirtieth and I gifted Bryan for his fortieth. Kathy is the mom of one of my closest friends and just about my favorite painter. Her talent never ceases to drop my jaw, and she does these tiny paintings of a single object, like a feather or a lemon that I am dying for next.
This is the first sofa I've owned that is not a sofa bed. The side tables and the blue lamp are recent purchases from the house next door. The woman who lived there died almost two years ago. I met her daughter who was emptying the house and well, she didn't think it was gauche or morbid that I offered to help her. She was actually really glad to know that her mom's stuff wouldn't get junked. I think it will be happy here. That wall above the sofa is begging to be filled. Working on that.

Thanks for dropping by. Stay cool...

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Amelia Plum said...

and I can attest to it being infinitely lovelier in person. it's amazing what a difference paint can do to a room. and to trim! I've been coveting your living room walls since I saw them in the flesh. it was so wonderful to see you and your family. thanks again for letting us stay with you. xox