Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a certain Swedish furniture store

The paint is "Green Wave" by Benjamin Moore.

Hamish is into castles these days so we were psyched when we spied the torch at Ikea. It even flickers like a real flame. COOL. The rug, bed, bedding and side table also happen to be from Ikea. How convenient. The teal (that color again) and red chair is from a friend, a real antique, to you know, offset all the Ikea stuff. I wish it came in my size.

Guess where I bought those shelves? I'll bet you can't guess.
Reading nook. Stella likes to sit in this egg chair from a certain Swedish furniture store and systematically dump all the books onto the floor. To her credit, she actually looks through them too, pretty studiously, bless her.

Hamish's superhero mad skills include looking enthusiastic while wearing a golden mask. He thanks you for taking the time to tour his bedroom and asks that you come back sometime to play, maybe kill some bad guys with him and Diego, or collect some bugs in the yard.


Amelia Plum said...

I'm going to need to make an ikea run for that torch light for owen. love hamish's lair, it's lovely and i can see all those issues of domino paid off for you with your mad designing skills. my fave pic is the last one with serious hamish in the mask and the last paragraph - priceless end to the post.

jeannie b. said...


I have no idea what your little pooper ate. But thanks for the photo. My husband loved it. Does Hamish turn all green and muscle-y when he gets mad? Just a thought.

I stumbled on your site while Google-ing jumbo subway tiles, so... good taste, lady. Love the tiles. I, too, saw the big ole tiles in the Domino issue, but like an idiot, recycled it before ripping out the page and the source. Ann Sacks has some for about $9 a square foot, but if it's cool to ask, can you give me the name of your source in Brooklyn? I used to live in Carrol Gardens and know of one tile place, but they didn't have the oversized ones when I inquired, and Richmond, VA is barely in the 21st century, design-wise. Everything's big box/McMansion type stuff in the tile stores around here.

Your site is an inspiration - my dear husband ripped out our kitchen cabinets, and then pretty much said, "uh-oh", so I'm living vicariously through you until we get our space finished. No pressure or anything. And I'm sure that's not creepy of me, either. : )

Jeannie B.

jeannie b. said...

Sorry - it's OK to email me if you can give me your tile's style number and brand.

Thanks again

elise said...

hi Jeannie b. Thanks for reading and commenting! The tiles are from Stone & Bath Gallery on 39th Street in Brooklyn. 718-438-4500, but it's really best to go in person. I looked at one of the subway tile boxes but there is no brand on it. If you tell them the dimensions (4x16) they'll know what you're talking about and tell them I sent you. Best of luck on your renovations!

jeannie b. said...

Thanks so much for your help, and thanks for replying! Good luck with the rest of the project, and I'll check back to watch your progress.