Friday, September 19, 2008


It's a beautiful morning for a walk or a jog. It's crisp and cool and sunny, and here I am true to form, squandering it indoors, working on my pasty complexion. Above is the chair we found on the curb a couple weeks ago. I covered it with one of those Urban Outfitters bedspreads.

Hamish's first day of pre-school. He found his favorite toy right away, a broken alarm clock in the shape of a robot. The head moves up and down and everything. Today was the first day he cried when we dropped him off because he didn't have time to gather his "bug finders" which are two compass/magnifying glass/mirror gadgets. One he uses himself and the other he shares with his new close friend A____, also from Brooklyn. I was praying there'd be more like us out here—New York City refugees looking for some affordable real estate, natural beauty, good public schools, and an all around easier way of day-to-day living, plus a close-ish proximity to the overpriced apple, and we found our first family who fit the bill. We've already had them over for brunch and they are all lovely, stylish people. When we met we wondered where the others are, but we are totally okay with being pioneers.

I don't structure nap time, which could be a detriment to my mental health, but Stella manages to fall asleep when she needs to, wherever she might be.

Who says sleep needs to happen horizontally?

Ah, sweet rest.
Here is the current state of our kitchen, which am angling to paint something in a jewel-tone or at least saturated, to harmonize with the grey countertops and backsplash and the wood cabinets. I'm thinking yellow-green, but Bryan isn't 100% on board. Light grey looks like ass, you can see the test-patches, and I also thought of a stormy blue-grey but I know it'll just depress me as the days get shorter.

I'm lapping at my new issue of Domino for some inspiration I can pirate, so we'll see what happens. So far, I've been practicing restraint with my paint choices (except for in the kids' rooms) because I get sick of things quickly. It's working so far, but this room wants a darker color, but it doesn't want to sacrifice light, especially since that big gaping hole in the ceiling is being sealed up.

Oh there she is again snoozing away in her ninety-nine cent top from Old Navy.

And here she is awake on her first day of school. We drop the toddlers off in the playground and then they get to watch us recede into the parking lot distance so that they can cry all the harder. Our heartstrings, they weep.
The coffee table we found on the curb a month back. Four cans of yellow spray paint later and YOWZA. 


Amelia Plum said...

the photos of stella napping are hysterical, my favorite is her passed out on the bed while standing. the coffee table you found on the curb - awesome find! the kitchen color dilemma - have you considered teal? might look really nice with the wood and grey and then you could punch it up with chartreuse colored kitchen accents.

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

Love the curb finds, that is how we are furnishing parts of the house. I love finding cool stuff, my children think I have a sickness. What about a red color? I think it would look great and really give you bright and cheery when it is less than so outside. Just a thought.