Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Kathy Calderwood sent me a present, this beautiful, tiny superball painting. I hung it in the niche at the top of the tiger stairs. I call this niche my perch. Hamish calls it the deck.
The black banister.
Shelves I bought from the deceased next door's daughter. Painted them "Artichoke Hearts." I have next to nothing to put on them yet.
The master bath is 99.9% complete. Still have to hang the hand-towel holders, and I'm sensing the need for a vase of cherry branches. Or something.
I forgot to turn on the shower when I took this pic like they do in the shelter magazines.
Another perch.
This is where I come to blog.
Painted the fire screen white. That was my friend's idea, and a good one.
Painted the porch floor white. I'm going for a space-aged look out here.
My friend gifted me this amazing Maharam fabric as a housewarming. It's called Quatrefoil. I got these consignment shop chairs upholstered in it. Very exciting. I gaze upon them often.
The bedroom is very spare. Some people call it spare. I think it's unfinished. Add a loveseat at the foot of the bed? A settee? A giant flat screen TV that rises via remote control from a custom-designed bench? Dunno. I also wish the headboard were a little higher so I could sit up in bed and lean against it like they do on TV instead of lie practically horizontal with my book, which I suspect isn't as cinematic. But oh well, if that's my biggest problem, right? The mattresses these days are just so darn thick.
Hello again, chairs.


Amelia Plum said...

It all looks so lovely! I can't wait to see the curbside furniture treasures that you've found. I live for finding treasures from other peoples trash. The chairs look great reupholstered and the dark brown in the bathroom looks amazing - really pulls the whole room together. You have to take a picture of the dining room with the mirror and new breakfront thingy. You and Bryan have been busy.

The Tool said...

You have a beautiful house. Who does all your handiwork? Please blog more!

elise said...

thank you guys! my husband bryan does most of the handiwork, and we hired a contractor for the bathroom--tiling and building the teak tub surround, bench and cabinet fronts his name is claudio niccolini if you are in the philadelphia area.